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Deficit of Trust


Thomas Frank

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My letter to the Wall Street Journal in response to Thomas Frank’s recent column Deficit of Trust: In Thomas Frank’s latest column, he sets up his entire discussion with the straw man prem... [More]


Ryan Clark

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Charles Robinson This just fires me up. First of all, I hate it when journalists create problems that would not otherwise exist and then pretend that they were just doing their job. Second, no organ... [More]

Below is a letter I recently sent to the St. Petersburg Times. Leaving aside my foolish confusion of Iraq with Afghanistan, I hope they publish it: I see that the St. Petersburg Times editorial staff... [More]

Here’s a letter I sent to Jeff Passan in response to this column. The scandal machine in sports “journalism” has become worse than the steroid use it’s covering at this poin... [More]

In a recent article [Point of no return, Feb. 7], Phi Delta Theta President Ryan Fischer made this unfortunate statement: “Placing Phi Delt on campus would be a step toward returning Greek organ... [More]

This letter is regarding the article “Dying for peace,” by Alex Babcock, published April 10. The conservatives should have kicked the anti-war demonstrators’ asses at the pro-troop r... [More]

Your “if everyone else jumped off a bridge argument” about Barry Bonds is too simplistic. The point is not whether he was right to take steroids. The point is, if so many other players wer... [More]

Insidious equality Susan Taylor Martin recently wrote an excellent article balancing Michael Moore’s claims in his new movie Sicko with the reality of the health industry. Moore’s picture ... [More]