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Thuggery "Mike Keane, who owns O’Hara’s Restaurant and Pub, said that the theft of soap and toilet paper had soared and that one protester had used the bathroom but had failed to properly use the toilet." "In a widely distributed pamphlet, 'Welcome to Liberty Plaza: Home of Occupy Wall Street,' participants were instructed where to find relief. 'After you’ve dined,' it read... [More]

Gross "Polls showed that American voters generally endorsed a mix of spending cuts and tax increases. And plenty of neutral observers thought that the approach of the debt ceiling expiration would help forge a grand bargain." ... "House Speaker John Boehner was willing to entertain the possibility of several hundred billion dollars of increased revenues, until he realized he couldn't sell it ... [More]

Does Senator John Kerry actually listen to himself talk?  Only a politician such as Senator Kerry could fail to grasp his own absurdity here.  It was OK for Senator Obama to oppose raising the debt limit when he was in Congress because there was no chance his position had enough support to pass.  In other words, his position was unserious.  Now that Obama is in the White House ... [More]

Come Again? "We will never get a balanced budget amendment unless we take advantage of this chokepoint ... I'm going to stand strong on this. I'm going to vote no." - Representative Phil Gingrey You're not going to get a balanced budget amendment while Democrats control the Senate and the White House.  Standing around being obstinate is only going to make a less palatable bill become law.&n... [More]


Cut the Crap Republicans

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Listen, Republicans.  Get your crap together.  There are a few points about the current crisis the party needs to get straight: First, do not agree to raise taxes - anywhere in any capacity described with any colorful phrases the left can conjure up (balanced approach, additional revenue, cost of living adjustment, simplification of the tax code, whatever).  Do not raise them on the... [More]

Chris Christie is evil This was a courageous move even by Chris Christie's standards and it's yet more evidence for why this man absolutely must be President of the United States some day.  The reporting on this particular story is especially repugnant because of how the story is structured.  Basically, the reporters seemed to have gone around to various representatives of the organizati... [More]

Absurd "Still, like passive and hysterical , flaky is a term that strikes a chord when levied against a woman, particularly when she is vying for a position of authority. Male candidates may often be critiqued as unrealistic, incompetent, or unappealing, but they are rarely framed as unserious or child-like, as the word flaky implies." Does Katie Henderson remember the Bush ... [More]



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 What a revolting display "To be clear, I have never met these any of these women or had physical relationships at any time." This is something you're proud to admit?  Look, I'm a fairly libertarian leaning conservative.  I've always felt some restraint regarding Bill Clinton's escapades - whose grave crime in my mind was lying before the Constitution he swore to defend.  It wa... [More]


Bin Photographed

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Phototastrophe Several things: Sarah Palin tweeted yesterday afternoon that the photos should be released as a "warning to others seeking America's destruction," adding "No pussyfooting around." When George Bush said he wanted Bin Laden dead or alive, people reacted absurdly.  He was accused of being a mean spirited, no nothing, shoot from the hip cowboy - largely because he spoke the unvarn... [More]

Pipe down! “But this idea of disposing the body within 24 hours because of tradition bothers me a bit because we will be under attack as to whether or not it really was him,” Graham said. “And I’m not so sure that was a wise move. I’d like to hear more about that. I think that may have been sensitivity taken too far.” It seems to me an operation that consist... [More]