"Nonpartisan congressional budget analysts say the law is fully paid for. Its mix of Medicare cuts and tax increases, falling mainly on upper-income earners, would actually reduce the federal deficit. And people covered by large employers may even see a dip in their premiums."

Another AP article that sounds like it was written by Nancy Pelosi's staff. By "nonpartisan congressional budget analysts" he means the Congressional Budget Office - whose numbers were manipulated by Congressional Democrats to produce a favorable outcome. Congressman Paul Ryan explains below:

Why couldn't this article just say "The Congressional Budget Office says it's paid for?" Because thanks to Representative Ryan and other Republicans, people will instantly recognize the CBO charade for what it is. So the AP disguises their language to make it sound like some independent group of experts other than the CBO.

Earlier in his "news" story, Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar makes this comment:

"Nonetheless, the bleak numbers may not represent a final judgment for the president and his Democratic allies in Congress. That's because only 28 percent of those polled said they understand the overhaul extremely or very well, and a big chunk of those remain neutral."

Another stock Democrat argument. The Associated Press reliably parrots this assumption as fact every chance they get. The reality is, a drop in poll numbers after a legislative success for the president is extraordinarily rare. Even members of Congress who voted for this bill have admitted they don't understand it "extremely or very well."

What the public does understand is 1) they don't want the government running their health care or dictating the nature of the health care they choose to purchase 2) they don't want to be forced to buy insurance 3) they don't like the way the Democrats rammed this bill through Congress over very clear public opposition 4) they don't want to see the national debt spiral any higher than it already is headed and 5) they don't want to see their traditional entitlements cut or their taxes increased. All of those things are now reality or will very soon be reality if this bill remains law.

There's no doubt that Americans were disgusted with Republican leadership towards the end of the last Bush administration. Who can blame them? As such, the Democrats poached easy quarry in the 08 elections by convincing the majority of voters that any Republican would be more of the same. Americans so busy hating Bush failed to notice the guy they were putting in the White House was Jimmy Carter on steroids. They know now.