So let me get this straight.  North Korea torpedoes and sinks a South Korean ship in cold blood – an act of war by almost any conceivable measure.  The world stands idly by.  Other than some vapid grandstanding from Hillary Clinton, the United States has done nothing to counter this naked and reckless act of tyranny against our close ally.

Meanwhile, Turkish “peace activists” refuse Israel’s offer to allow them to dock at an Israelil port, be inspected for arms and let their cargo of peaceful supplies into Gaza.  Instead, they illegally cross an Israeli blockade and then proceed to peacefully beat and stab Israeli commandos who board the flotilla in a legal effort to defend their own border.  These peace loving innocents even throw one commando overboard – perhaps a sort of physical gesture of their peaceful agenda.  The commandos – in fear of their life from these peaceful protesters – dispense with their paintball guns and use real ones.  The world is outraged.

Where is the President?  Where is the Secretary of State?  In less than two years, this administration has managed to completely isolate Israel – without any doubt our most important ally on this planet.  The Obama administration has made some abominable decisions during its two year run:

Barack Obama’s World Appeasement Tour set the tone for his administration’s weak pseudo-philosophy of appeasement and what the President mistakes for empathy.

As actual peace protesters in Iran struggled for freedom, this President stood idly by.  His diplomatic hubris and approval rating were more important than the lives of Iranian revolutionaries fighting for their freedom and their lives.

This President allowed the President of Mexico to come before Congress, criticize an American state and lecture Americans about how we treat our illegal immigrants.  Never mind the horrid treatment immigrants to Mexico face nor is there any thought of the barbaric slaughter going on between rival drug gangs under Felipe Calderon’s administration – except of course to blame guns in America.

Obama’s effort to halt Iranian nuclear proliferation has been a complete and utter fiasco.

Instead of denouncing the anti-Semitic charade taking place on the UN Human Rights Council, Obama took a seat on it.

Remember Darfur?  Neither does the President.

Remember Guantanamo Bay?  See above.

This President has been swindled by the Russians, bullied by the Turks, embarrassed by the Brazilians, insulted by the French, rebuffed in Copenhagen, marginalized in the United Nations…

All of these gaffes over the past 2 years have been ugly.   But this?  Isolating Israel and ignoring the security of the Jewish state will disrupt the balance of power in the Middle East to the detriment of the entire world – most especially the Jewish people.  How many Jews have to die before this planet learns that anti-Semitic hatred is real, virulent and the enemy of peace?  Israel faces enemies who are committed to the “annihilation” of Israel.  They believe the Holocaust during World War II – which saw the systematic slaughter of six million Jews – is fabricated.  Thousands of rockets have been fired into Israeli neighborhoods, which is why the blockade exists in the first place.  What would the United States do if Mexico was repeatedly firing rockets into the suburbs of California?  Cede them Texas?

President Obama’s flaccid moral relativism thus far has been appalling as foreign policy.  His abandonment of Israel is unforgivable.