Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

“Barton is the biggest recipient of oil and gas industry campaign contributions in the House of Representatives, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.
Its data showed that Barton has collected $1,447,880 from political action committees and individuals connected with the oil and gas industry since 1989.”

Oh, well that dismisses any comments he might have made. Obviously he’s in the back pocket of Big Oil (love the usage of CAPS on that one). That assumption is precisely the reason why those “facts” are presented in the story in such a manner. They’re intended as a repudiation – to make the reader think that anyone in their right mind would draw the same conclusions. The implication is that only someone who takes money from “Big Oil” would make such a preposterous statement. Meanwhile, Obama took plenty of campaign funding from BP but his sins are absolved and ignored because he’s genuflected before the altar of populist fury. Way to go Commander.

The fact of the matter is that Representative Barton is one of the few voices on the Hill speaking the truth right now. Republicans should be ashamed of themselves for not standing up for the principles that they allegedly espouse. It’s nice that Boehner and company want to get re-elected but hiding behind the President’s skirt is not the way to do it. President Obama’s preposterous fund is absolutely a shameful shakedown of private industry and it demonstrates utter contempt for the Constitution, the separation of powers and the Rule of Law. In the interest of full disclosure let me just confirm: this blog receives no money from BP, Exxon Mobile, Enron, Cobra Commander, Rush Limbaugh or any other evil contributors. I still think President Obama’s slush fund is a joke.

The decision of course is no surprise coming from President Caesar – who adheres to no law that does not fit his political agenda. It so happens that this time he found a way to align his disdain for the Constitution with his need to quell the populist rage against his administration; and that makes it all the more loathsome. Julius Caesar himself would be proud. It’s a fairly brilliant stroke of politics. As for the damage it does to the Constitution and the separation of powers… well, who cares? Off with their heads!