Nit picking

“The events reported overnight in Connecticut reinforce my belief that passengers have rights and are entitled to fair treatment when they fly,”

I know this is nit picking but why can’t these guys just say “The airlines should not be permitted to trap passengers on an airplane for extended periods. We’re going to do what we can to resolve the issue.” Period. Everything with the Obama administration seems to center around vapid platitudes about rights or fairness. What does it mean to say “passengers have rights and are entitled to fair treatment?” For one thing, if everyone routinely gets trapped on an airplane for 12 hour stretches, that’s fair treatment. It absolutely shouldn’t happen but equality of misery is still equality. Second, passengers aren’t “entitled” to any “rights” when they fly. People should not be imprisoned against their will for extended periods for any reason. That’s not some “right” that you qualify for should you suddenly decide to fly and it’s not something that the government can choose to grant or deny at their pleasure. It’s simple human decency and it applies whether Ray Lahood chooses to recognize it or not.