Yet it’s one thing not to encourage a rumor and quite another actively to defend Obama. So far, no Republican has offered a full-throated defense of Obama against the Muslim rumors. Republican leaders simply see no political advantage in an issue that may be helping them to undermine Obama and the Democrats ahead of a crucial election. That’s especially the case now, when a significant majority of their base seems driven by intense dislike of the president.

No, it’s not. Left wing journalists are desperate – DESPERATE – to find some angle by which they can fight the Republican headwinds this year. This is ridiculous, stupid, foolish nonsense. It’s not a newsworthy event. In fact, I’m not convinced it’s even an actual event. The newspapers do much more to fuel this sort of idiotic thinking by constantly talking, discussing, evaluating and polling about it than Republicans do by – what was it again? – not bringing the issue up out of the blue to defend the president against irrelevant, random poll data? Come on.

No serious Republican anywhere is arguing that Obama is a Muslim, that he supports terrorists or anything else of the sort. If there are any, they’re fools and likely believe in other crackpot theories such as: the moon landings were a hoax, 9/11 was a scam perpetrated by the government and a race of sentient reptiles lives beneath the earth controlling our thoughts.

There are kooks out there. They believe in stupid things. And, they attend campaign rallies, write blogs, vote and otherwise involve themselves in the democratic process. There’s no need for Republicans to stand up and take responsibility for every nut case out there that the media tries to pin with a right wing label. I don’t seem to remember any “objective” news stories demanding Obama address the “9/11 was orchestrated by Bush” kooks while he was whipping the anti-war crowd into a frenzy during the last campaign season. I’m pretty sure the percentage of Democrats who bought into that bull was similarly high. The Republicans should ignore this BS and focus on important issues – like getting Peolsi out of the Speaker’s chair in November.