Gay Marriage

President Obama today reiterated that his views on gay marriage are “constantly evolving,”

Translated, that sentence means that the President is for gay marriage but he’s afraid to admit it because the polls still show too many voters are against it. He knows most of the gay activists are going to vote for him either way because let’s face it: who else are they voting for? So, he can afford to throw them under the bus and appeal to the brainless undecideds who change their minds more frequently than Arlen Specter changes political parties. Once Obama is comfortably elected to a second term, I’m sure he’ll be aggressively pushing for gay marriage. And that will likely be the only thing he’ll be pushing for that I agree with.

It amazes me how many people on this planet feel the need to clone themselves and their beliefs. What is it in the human psyche that drives people to the snobbish insistence that they know what’s best for someone else? It’s not enough to love your wife and kids, you have to force your neighbor to be just like you. Gay marriage is just one example. There are billions of others and collectively, they are the problem with government – which is the best place to force other people to be just like you. Just ask the First Lady about cheeseburgers if you want an example from the left.

Here’s my political philosophy boiled down to its simplest form: Government does not exist to force people to do things it thinks they should be doing. It exists to protect people’s freedom to do what they want to be doing. Will we ever again elect leaders who understand this simple concept?