Pam Bondi

“The lawsuit is based on the common sense notion that an individual’s decision not to purchase health insurance is not an act of ‘commerce’ that can be regulated under Congress’s constitutionally enumerated powers.”

I agree with Pam Bondi one million percent but I wonder how this will work for insurance companies if the courts strike down the mandate. The individual mandate was basically a concession to insurance companies who would not have agreed to support Obamacare without it. Other provisions of the bill such as portability and covering kids until they turn 45 years old were basically unaffordable options for insurance companies unless there were some mandate to force everyone to pay into the system. If the mandate is defeated, what will happen to these other rules? Republicans certainly can’t defeat them while the Democrats hold the Senate and the White House.

Given the wavering nonsense coming out of the Obama administration regarding this lawsuit, you have to wonder if they are really serious about defending it. The right has been predicting the demise of insurance companies since Barack Obama announced his health care plans back in 2008. If the courts strike down the mandate, won’t this only hasten that demise?