Pipe down!

“But this idea of disposing the body within 24 hours because of tradition bothers me a bit because we will be under attack as to whether or not it really was him,” Graham said. “And I’m not so sure that was a wise move. I’d like to hear more about that. I think that may have been sensitivity taken too far.”

It seems to me an operation that consists of flying into a foreign country undetected, dropping 40 Seals into Osama Bin Laden's living room within shouting distance of the "West Point of Pakistan" and killing the most wanted man on planet Earth with a "double tap" to his abominable head would not have missed the detail of soliciting evidence that the operation was a success.  Otherwise, why risk our soldiers when we could have just dropped a bunker buster right into his back yard?  Operations of this caliber do not miss details of any magnitude, let alone one of such extraordinary significance.

You'd expect Senator Lindsey Graham to understand this.  Furthermore, if his objections really are valid (they aren't), take them to the president himself and quit airing them on Fox news radio.  This was a political comment at a time when nobody should be making them.  Osama Bin Laden is dead and every American should be proud of and humbled towards our men and women in service.  The amount of courage, intelligence and skill it must have taken to do this deserves respect from the political community.  In other words, keep your mouth shut and let our too often maligned soldiers take credit for a job well done.

For that matter, our President also deserves credit.  You won't catch me voting for him in the next election but this was a risky, courageous and successful decision.  We lost no soliders, there were no leaks until the job was accomplished and the task was carried out with nearly flawless precision.  Also, this idea from the left that Obama succeeded where Bush failed is further political nonsense.  Much of the evidence and intelligence work that led up to this operation was solicited in the previous administration.  Have you ever tried to carry out a project in a mid size company when the entire senior management team is kicked out and replaced half way through?  Our militiary and intelligence community just carried out a job 10 times as hard as any computer roll out or construction project spanning two pretty much openly hostile administrations.  Try and find that somewhere in your management textbooks.

The last point and what really set me off is Graham's offhand remark about sensitivity.  Disposing of Bin Laden the way we did has nothing to do with political correctness.  There are plenty of sound reasons to do it this way.  For one, bringing his body back would have been a circus.  Why fly him all the way back here to take pictures when we already have photographic and DNA evidence? It would serve no purpose other than to fan the fires of obnoxious celebration (see the street in front of the White House last night) and radical fundamentalist rage (see the Quran burnings).  And imagine tying to dispose of him anonymously after the word is out.  The point was to do everything in our power to quell his inevitable martyrdom.  That can't be wholly avoided but at least we didn't compound the problem.

Last but certainly not least, the United States is better than the animals we are at war with.  Terrorists cut off heads, blow up civilians with utter disdain, desecreate corpses and do all of the abominable things that the whim of their rage and unreasonable passion drives them to do.  It wasn't out of respect for Osama Bin Laden that we carried out the required religious services and it wasn't only out of respect for the vast community of Muslims across the globe, though there's nothing wrong with that.  It was out of respect for ourselves.  Our soldiers carried out swift justice, they did it with extraordinary skill and precision but most importantly; they kept their honor, their integrity and the sacred honor of all the men and women who have died defending this great country.  A few bad apples have disgraced the uniform and the flag over the past 10 years.  We should thank our soldiers, our intelligence community and our President not only for performing an important and unpleasant duty but for accomplishing that duty with dignity and honor.  We're Americans and it's about time we started acting like it.