"Recent studies have shown that Latino identity is malleable, contextual and constantly evolving. Younger Latinos in particularly [sic] see no contradiction in calling themselves Dominican, American and black, or Caucasian, Hispanic-American and Colombian, or gaysian, blaxican, or any other racial-cultural-sexual amalgam that fits their nationality, genealogy, sexuality and mood..."

- Guy Garcia, some dude.

Why do I live in a society that takes that sentence seriously?  Not only was it written in a major news publication by someone who wants me to take it seriously, it was reprinted in a completely different story by someone else who believed it furthered the point her own ridiculous story was trying to make.  It's quoted as real evidence, even conclusive evidence.  Let me sum up the argument for you:  "See, this random guy used white Hispanic in some rambling blog entry last year so it must be a real thing.  So take that Rush Limbaugh."

Must I lower myself to the level of this discussion?  The point she's desperately trying to make here is that Hispanic is an ethnic category while white is a racial category.  So it's perfectly normal for the Times to suddenly start referring to Hispanics as white Hispanics.  It just so happens that they decided to make this change at the exact same moment a Hispanic guy shot a black guy in Florida and that totally random story was where they chose to do it.  They weren't trying to stoke the racial fires or anything.  No, of course not.  Here's a long, meaningless foray into the mindless world of racial jargonism to prove it.

Whatever.  This entire Trayvon Martin affair has brought out the worst in almost everybody.  From right wingers trying to compare it to the deaths of individual soldiers to left wingers trying to draw some magical connection between stand your ground laws to Spike Lee tweeting the wrong address to the entire planet when he would have been wrong to tweet the correct address to anyone in the first place.  Everyone knows exactly what happened, exactly why it happened and exactly who deserves to go to jail for it.  It's been a sad lesson in why we have a judicial system that tries individual crimes as opposed to letting the mob rule.  People in the collective are downright stupid and the more of them there are, the dumber the mob gets.  Juries are quite bad enough.  Keep that in mind when your President bemoans the annoying power of "unelected" judges.