Sanjay Gupta


In some ways, Dr. Sanjay Gupta's article is compelling and compassionate.  Starvation is a universal problem that humanity has never yet completely solved. That we might work collectively to eradicate hunger has been an elusive dream of mankind for a long time. It is a well-documented fact that democracy, liberty and the principles of Western Civilization generally have made more progress towards accomplishing that goal than any other factor in human history. So why the guilt?

Gupta seems almost torn between his admirable promotion of a charity to feed the hungry and the absurd guilt that he seems to be wishing his readers to feel about their own wealth or good fortune.  If I eat all my vegetables past their expiration date as he encourages, how has this helped a starving family in the middle of America?  It will certainly save my own family money but that's almost the opposite of what he's looking for here.

This ridiculous sense of guilt coupled with inane acts of almost religious significance permeates the left wing of American politics like a plague. Whether it's kneeling for the national anthem, taking shorter showers, saving your food past your expiration date, or forcing white college students to stop wearing dreadlocks.... progressives have elevated left wing feelgoodism into an iconoclastic crusade against conservatism. And like all zealotry where hammers see every problem as a nail, the definition of conservatism has become anyone who disagrees with the vast and complicated rules of social justice. This is how you get Donald Trump and Mitt Romney in the same category.  Two points can be taken from this insanity:

First, who's helped by all this nonsense?  Colin Kapernick knelt during the national anthem because of his perception of racism in law enforcement. What did he accomplish? He pissed off a bunch of racist white people who stopped watching football, he wrapped the NFL owners into a Gordian knot of political activism and spiraling interest, he gave Donald Trump a perfect red meat campaign issue and he blathered himself out of a job. You might argue that he "raised awareness" but what does that really mean? How is antagonizing the already racist and inconveniencing the sympathetic fixing the issue? Chris Rock's "get a white friend" routine did far more to raise awareness amongst the sheltered white community than anything Kapernick has ever done. Why? Because the vast majority of white people in America do care about racism in the police force but taking away their football or antagonizing their sense of patriotism is more likely to drive them towards Trump's National Populism than it is to generate sympathy or action for the issue.

Second, who's addressing the actual problems here? Gupta's charity is a fantastic idea. Promote it, support it, encourage it. But if you're going to Tweet and blog and promote it, be positive. Forget the guilt. Our past and present are undoubtedly complicated but this incessant and desperate need to virtually ignore the incredible good that America has produced in the world so we can focus on the bad is a mortal scourge on the health of our national culture. Further, if you want people to believe in and support you, stop beating them over the head with history, race, environmentalism and all these other supposed sins as if the mere fact of being a middle class white person in America is somehow shameful.

Make no mistake, at its core, progressivism in America today is a negative endeavor, not a positive one.  Most of the social justice warriors championing these causes don't care about the causes themselves nearly as much as they care about demeaning and defeating conservatives. If those racist white football fans lose their fascist football, if those rich white jerks in the suburbs have to take shorter showers and watch their lawns turn brown, if those belligerent college frat parties are run off campus... the left wins and it makes no difference if the planet is saved or the police are less racist or college kids are safer Gupta certainly doesn't fall into this extremist category but he does seem almost fearfully obliged to genuflect to the SJW altar. This seems true of almost all journalists who don't work for FoxNews - where they genuflect to the other false god of modern American politics.

At its core, American progressivism is invariably about the pursuit of power, and that is what makes it so dangerous. It is also the polar opposite of true American conservatism, which is about the dispersion, the dissolution and the curbing of power regardless of the hands that wield it. I'm sure you thought Adolf Hitler was a conservative - and from a German national perspective, that is true. He wanted to return to the good old days of German authoritarian hegemony. His vehicle was National Socialism and like all socialism, it eventually devolved into racism, anti-Semitism and the ugly cult of personality that built Adolf Hitler an awful empire of terror and destruction. That philosophy bears zero resemblance to true American conservatism which adheres to the principle of liberty.

Trump, Sanders, Clinton and the rest are all a bunch of sharks in the dirty water fighting over nationalism, protectionism, identity politics, socialism, jingoism and various other ill factors that demand allegiance to the expanded power of the federal government at the expense of the individual. True American conservatives align with a different history, the "apostles of freedom" as Friedrich Hayek once described them. We have no use for power and perhaps that is why we are once again marginalized to the sidelines of history.