The only difference between Brett Kavanaugh's alleged sexual assault and Big Foot is that Big Foot has more witnesses willing to come forward and testify to his existence. The amazing thing is, this is the literal truth and not just a hilarious joke. There's a ridiculous trope making the rounds in Social Justice Media and elsewhere these days to the effect of: survivors deserve to be believed. 

This generation of Twittery tomfoolery is not normally disposed to precision when it comes to word usage but this is rich even for the Instagram Era. Accusers are not necessarily survivors and folks making accusations deserve to be heard and taken seriously, which is different than being believed. Belief depends upon the evidence presented. If every accuser is a survivor and deserves to be believed without any evidence, anyone anywhere can have their reputation destroyed, their career ruined and their life upended. (As a matter of fact, if every accuser deserves to be believed, Bill and Hillary would both be in jail, but I digress). Quite frankly, this Feinsteinian Fiasco maligns the actual survivors of sexual assault and diminishes the heinous nature of such crimes. But let's not allow concern for abused women to stand in the way of the Democrats' need to recapture their majority in Congress.

As far as Christine Ford is concerned, the facts thus far presented strongly suggest that she is not telling the truth. Much of the media have flailed around this glaring reality like lizards attempting to escape from a swimming pool. She's not a big donor, just a Democrat. She's not a radical activist, she just showed up to the women's march and protested the Republican president. She's not trying to delay the hearings, she's just afraid to fly. She's asked for outside counsel to be exculded because.... well, for some other reason than Democrats need the specter of a bunch of old white guys asking a woman about the truth of her sexual assault allegations to drive their November narrative. Yes she waited 30 years to ever utter this accusation, but she talked about it in therapy that one time. 

This is what the modern media call fact checking: taking the most ridiculous figments of the lizard fearing, Alex Jones corners of the Internet and declaring it all fake news while sidestepping the more delicate facts with which they are uncomfortable. So let's articulate those facts:  Christine Ford is a left wing Democratic professor and activist who conveniently raised these accusations about a conservative jurist at the absolute last minute before his confirmation to the Supreme Court. She's presented next to no evidence, (it happened at some party in the 80's and some other guys were there), she made her complaint to her Congresswoman and the Washington Post (hardly the authorities) and she's demanding (insert any tactic that will delay the confirmation until hopefully the Democrats win the Senate in November). In other words, it just so happens that this traumatic moment in her life keeps producing scenarios perfectly in line with every political tactic a cynical Machiavellian politician might execute in order to maximize election returns in six weeks. Nothing to see here!

By the way, if Ford wants to pursue actual justice, there are ample means at her disposal to do so. She can approach the appropriate law enforcement authorities and they can launch an investigation, file a complaint, convene a grand jury to investigate these allegations, protect her safety and anonymity - the American legal system is far from perfect but it's much better than most options humanity has to deal with this type of crime. Why hasn't she done this?

Because it won't help Democrats get elected in November, of course! This isn't even about the seat on the court. Even if Kavanaugh is denied, Republicans will just pick another candidate and confirm him or her. No, Democrats know they can't win this. It's all about exploiting a potential rape victim for votes.

Oh, Ford has asked for an FBI investigation which of course isn't going to happen. Democrats are well aware it won't happen because the Feds don't have jurisdiction in a case like this. As NPR has pointed out, sure they could assist with any further Senate investigation but that isn't anything like a criminal proceeding. This is all political grandstanding. The FBI question allows Democrats to feign ignorance for the purpose of fundraising and telling bedtime stories about Trump and his evil Twitter account blocking the FBI from carrying out justice. That is all bunk. The truth is, Ford has no chance of proving any of this in an actual court of law and perhaps she has no desire to do so. Mark Judge's keg stories will make for some great SNL skits but they won't help prove the accusations in court.

Now, according to the New Yorker, a second woman has come forward and "after six days of carefully assessing her memories," no doubt in the presence of The Dark Lord Feinstein, she's suddenly remembered Judge Kavanaugh exposing himself to her at another hazy college party. This epiphany magically came to her after more than thirty years, even though at the time she was "on the floor, foggy and slurring her words." Now, despite the settled science around Finklesteins theory on the effects of alcholol on the medial temporal lobe, I find it awfully difficult to accept this story. Legally, this woman would have been arrested for operating a vechicle in the state she describes herself, nevermind recalling specific details more than a quarter of a decade after it happened. Nevertheless, Democrats and a bunch of truant Yale law students (!!) are calling for yet another FBI investigation. You would think Yale law students would know that, you know, there's like, law and stuff about these sorts of things and encourage their rogue party to approach the proper authorities but, nevermind. Dressing in black and chanting like 4th graders is apparently more effective.

A word about protecting rape victims: this is serious business. If a woman is raped by her husband or her boss or someone close in her life, there are very real consequences to her coming forward. If police don't believe her or if there isn't enough evidence to pursue her complaint... she has to go back to her daily life and face shame, retribution, mockery, and many other very unpleasant realities. There are no powerful Democrats or CNN news producers around to defend the anonymous victims of this horrific type of crime. Her job, her friends, her reputation... all of it are put on the line. This is the reason the identities of accusers are often protected from the public.

The Democrats have made an absolute mockery of this real danger that women face by using Ford and Ramirez the way they have. I have no doubt that both women are facing threats after their accusations but it absolutely did not have to be this way. That's not an excuse for the imbeciles who would threaten women's lives, it's a criticism of Feinstein and her abominable cohorts. Maybe Ford and Ramirez are telling the truth. If they are, why didn't Feinstein encourage them to consult the proper authorities and pursue justice as opposed to make a political spectacle of their accusations?  Democrats spend a lot of time shaming Republicans about how they supposedly treat women and yet, here they are exploiting potentially real sexual assault so they can win elections in November, fundraise off the destroyed reputations and play Shakespearean theater for the adoring media. There is no word in the English language strong enough to articulate the awful mockery that the Democratic party has made of Ford, of Rarmirez, of Kavanaugh, of the American judicial system and of rape victims everywhere. It is shameful.

We've seen highly powerful and successful men rightly fall for the crimes of sexual assault:  Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Les Moonves, Bill Clinton, Keith Ellison, Jerry Sandusky... but in most of those cases, there were multiple credible accusers and enough evidence for a criminal investigation and even indictment. There's no reason Kavanaugh can't be impeached from the Court in disgrace should he be indicted and convicted after a serious criminal investigation is completed. The problem is, that won't help Dianne Feinstein get her majority back in the Senate. And that is all this is about.