I understand now why Nero fiddled during the Great Fire of Rome. Imagine sitting through a screening of Human Centipede Part 3 with a room full of people and the knowledge that the impression they leave with is the impression they will have of your entire country. That's what's happening to Americans right now.

All of these people carrying on about #BelieveWomen in the Twitterverse are achieving the exact opposite result. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's voice has not been heard in any meangful way. Performing in the center ring of a 3 ring political circus for the benefit of a bunch of craven, extremists to be picked apart like a crucifixion victim on the public stage is not being heard. She's just being abused all over again - by CNN, by FoxNews, by Flake, by Feinstein, by Avenatti. You want to talk about gang rapes? While all of these incredibly inept humans rage and tweet and throw tantrums in elevators and on podiums and on garbage pundit shows across the country, they're essentially gang raping both Ford and Kavanugh over and over again.

Sexual assault and rape are among the worst crimes a man can commit. Yes, yes... we all know murder is bad but murder is also final, at least for the victim. Physically abusing an unwilling human being and then casting that human aside while they are expected to go on with their life - often in the continued presence of the predator - is a terrible, terrible crime. I know we live in stupid times where the death penalty is considered barbaric and while I sympathize with limiting the government's power over life and death, I continue to believe that rape should be punishable by death. It's not about vengeance or justice or public financing or some existential idea of punishment. The fact is, civilized society cannot tolerate the existence of a human being who lacks the empathy to grasp the awful pain his actions inflict on others. It's that simple.

Regardless of whether you agree with the idea that the death penalty is appropriate for rapists, smearing an innocent man's reputation with the assumption that he is guilty of this grave crime is inexcusable. I will not make the argument here that Kavanaugh is guilty or innocent because there's no way to know the answer to that question without a criminal proceeding. None of these existing examples of tomfoolery will get to the truth: not a 7th FBI background check, not the media's obsession with bar fights and drunken fraternity days, not the absurd gotcha investigations of a bunch of Senatorial staffers on both sides, not the putrid cloud of meme ridden intellectual flatulence that is the Twitterized Internet lynch mob and certainly not the melodramatic theater of a bunch of grandstanding agitators who are more worried about their presidential prospects than they are about a potential victim and defendant associated with one of the worst crimes a person can be accused of.

Both Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford have been used as pawns by a rabid, disgusting, absolutely shameful game of political theater. The worst of it all is that there is perhaps no way out at this point. At the very least, criminal proceedings should be initiated by the appropriate local authorities regardless of whether Kavanuagh is confirmed or not. I've heard the argument that attempted sexual assault in nineteen eighty something was a misdemeanor at the time and therefore the one year statue of limitations has passed. Well, we're better than that and the crime of sexual assault in 2018 does not have a statue of limitations in the state of Maryland. If you're such a great lawyer that you can manufacture evidence out of whole cloth for the sake of a Stalinesque show trial, you can use your amazing powers to find a way to open a serious criminal investigation into this matter and give both Kavanaugh and Ford their opportunity to pursue actual justice. This is for the police, a prosecuter's office and I would argue a Grand Jury to decide if it's to be done fairly. There is no other way.

The Senate should vote on Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation this week and the Senators on both sides can reap the electoral consequences in November and beyond. I think he should be confirmed but that's up to individual Senators. If he is indicted after a serious criminal investigation, he will be impeached and removed. I can hear the left side of the aisle howling and wailing now but if they want fairness, they can figure out how to win elections in the middle of the country. Until that time, the political power will remain out of their grasp. If this catastrophic display of immaturity is any indication of how they wish to govern, let us all earnestly pray that they never achieve that power while their party is afflicted with this craven insanity.

The advice and consent power of the Senate was never intended to conduct a criminal investigation, and nothing has ever been more obvious than that fact over the last two weeks. Stop dragging the names of two ostensibly good people through the mud for the sake of your stupid elections and a bunch of ad clicks and Facebook likes. This charade has besmirched the Senate, the justice system, the Supreme Court and seemingly every single corner of government that Americans hold dear. You may say: Trump is a fiasco who has brought shame on the Presidency. I'm inclined to agree with that sentiment. But if your solution is to slink into the mud and tear apart every institution holding this republic together, I think I speak for a large majority of Americans when I implore you to knock it off. Every single Senator from Flake to Feinstein deserves nothing but scorn and animosity from the electorate after this clown show. Americans are better than this. If you want to know why we can't elect leaders who reflect that truth, take a look at the price you expect them to pay to occupy the halls of power. Put an end to it and let's get back to the serious business of arguing about the President's Twitter account.