Let's be honest, conservatives don't have much of a choice in 2020. We might as well choose which color colonoscopy hose the doctor uses on our next visit. While Donald Trump may get the least favorable press coverage of any human alive, he  continues to behave in ways that leave any reasonable person lost forumI don't have enough room for… Let's just say he long ago surrendered the benefit of the doubt. If we could harness the amount of hot air Trump supporters have had to expel defending him from his near constant crayon throwing tantrums and his utterly contemptible personal behavior, we could probably power California for the next 25 years. 

So why would anyone vote for this guy? Whether it's his belligerent protectionism, his jingoist anti-immigration, his desire for exorbitant spending, his fawning love for autocratic dictators or his volcanic personality.... Trump is the opposite of conservative in both behavior and policy. Outsourcing judicial appointments to the Federalist Society can’t change that.

The problem is the toxic cloud of intellectual flatulence and leftist outrage that has utterly consumed the Democratic party. It may be that Democrats will head off their descent into the abyss but while they stay on this path, Donald Trump and all his flaws remains the superior choice in 2020. Conservatives are facing their Andy Dufresne moment and Trump’s second term represents the river of shit we must swim through to reach freedom. Strap in because there's a lot to go through.

Anti-Semitism: Consider Ilhan Omar, a grotesque anti-Semite who has been embraced and pandered to by the mainstream of her party. Let's leave aside her "it's all about the Benjamins" tweet and her ”Israel has hypnotized the world" tweet, also her partnership with blatantly anti-Semitic propagandists and even her ridiculous "some people did something" when referencing the murder of over three thousand Americans. Oh look, another one. Linda Sarsour (another anti-Semite) would like us to "stop the ridiculousness," which is like the president asking everyone to stop all the angry tweeting. Much like the president, some of the negative coverage Omar gets is unfair but, also like the president, it’s largely a product of her own foolishness.

It’s not Omar, but the mainstream Democratic reaction to her that is troublesome. Unlike the Republicans who stripped the detestable Steve King of his committee chairs, Democrats, with plenty of air cover from the mainstream media and the nightly clown shows, have avoided condemning her directly. Defending her various brushes with anti-Semitism usually consists of this argument: conflating criticism of the state of Israel with anti-Semitism is wrong, unfair and dangerous. We shall leave aside the glaring hypocrisy of these same critics conflating Trump’s “Muslim ban” as a religious ban when it was actually targeting specific countries, not people or religion (a list originally devised by President Obama, by the way). Instead, consider Omar’s words:

About Venezuela, Omar has said this:

"This particular bullying and the use of sanctions to eventually intervene and make regime change really does not help the people of countries like Venezuela, and it certainly does not help and is not in the interest of the United States."

About Israel, Omar has said this:

“I believe firmly that the path to peace does not lie with violent means. We should condemn in the strongest terms violence that perpetuates the occupation, whether it’s Israel, Hamas or individuals. We cannot also condemn nonviolent means. We cannot simultaneously say we want peace and oppose peaceful means to hold our allies accountable.”

In other words, sanctions on the country of Venezuela are really sanctions on the people of Venezuela. America, the bullies of the world, have no right to impose their will on the people of another country.

Unless they’re Jews. Then, punishing private entities who would otherwise freely do business in Israel which results in damage to the Israeli people themselves is simply a “peaceful means to hold our allies accountable.” Until the Democratic party fully, openly and unambiguously condemns the growth of anti-Semitic elements within its own party – particularly from members of Congress – supporting their party is problematic.

Money:  In 2010, Barack Obama talked about his “historic” health care law:

“Health care costs overall are going to be lower than they would be otherwise, and that means, by the way, that the deficit is going to be lower than it would be otherwise.”

If you believe the Affordable Care act was a good thing, how have we forgotten that Democrats and the media have so recently been desperate to convince us that it’s working just fine? If this is true, then why are Democrats trying to destroy it? Even Joe Biden is pushing the public option these days. Sanders, meanwhile, wants to destroy insurance companies altogether. Actually, his plan wouldn’t destroy insurance companies at all, it would just give them the force of law, but never mind.

Here's just one assessment of Elizabeth Warren’s insane Medicare for all plan from someone who isn't exactly a Republican operative.  Simply put, there isn’t enough money available to pay for just this healthcare scheme even if you entirely liquidate the supposedly evil “wealthiest among us.”  And this is just healthcare. A small sampling of the ideas wafting through the primary is proof enough that Democrats think the federal reserve is a Monopoly bank:

$10 trillion for carbon neutral investment, $50 billion a year for an Environmental Justice Fund, over $1 trillion in reversed tax cuts for global warming, $16 trillion to combat climate change, $500 billion for slavery reparations, over $2 trillion in student loan debt forgiveness, a $130 billion per year renters tax credit, $60 billion in baby bonds, doubling HUD funding, tripling PATH funding, $3 to $10 billion dollars in gun buybacks, over $3 trillion a year for a universal basic income, $315 billion for a teacher pay raise, $800 billion to “reshape” public education, $30 trillion dollars to “guarantee” everyone a $15 per hour job (unless they work on your campaign). 

A bunch of other schemes like progressive prison reform (eliminating private prisons, not pedophiles and murderers voting, which Democrats also seem to be for) or repealing the Hyde Amendment will most certainly cost taxpayers money if they are enacted. As bad as Trump is, he’s the fiscal conservative in the race; which is certainly saying something. Most of us have mortgages and college to pay for, mouths to feed and household expenses to manage. While we certainly have sympathy for the homeless, immigration refugees or the uninsured; the idea that the government can take our money and spend it better or fairer than we can is laughable. Who else do you know who is $23 trillion dollars in debt?

Endless investigations: Look, I'm the last person to wish Congress would do more for the country. Frankly, if they all decided to pack up and take a vacation for the next fifteen or twenty years, I'd be all for it. We don't need any more legislating. So, if the Democrats want to spend the entire next decade investigating Republicans, more power to them. Here's one more abbreviated list of things Nancy Pelosi means when she says she wants to get back to the people's business: my kids' gender, which bathroom I’m using, what device I'm drinking my soda from, how much soda I'm drinking, what I'm posting on Facebook, what kind of car I'm driving, how much gas I'm using, how my house gets electricity, how much electricity I’m using, how many kids I’m having, what days I’m watering my lawn, what kind of trash I'm throwing away, which garbage can I’m throwing it in, what I’m smoking, whether or not I'm eating enough vegetables, what kind of guns I keep in the house, how I choose to lock them up, what pronouns I’m using, whether or not I’m wearing a seatbelt, how many movie characters I'm watching display preferred minority membership, what kind of gas can I’m using, how much shampoo I’m traveling with, what kind of light bulbs I’m using .... you get the idea. 

Donald Trump was elected president of the United States and he's been under some form of investigation or other since before he was even elected. Oh, but the Electoral College is unfair, Hillary received a larger percentage of the popular vote: whatever. This is how presidential elections have been conducted since the beginning of this republic and by the way, Hillary's husband was elected president to his first term with 43% of the popular vote so spare me the crocodile tears. It will take an entirely separate column to deal with the bogus assaults on the electoral college but even if you don’t like it, that’s how the game has been played basically since we started playing it. Everyone knows the rules and fortunately for us, the Founders made it very hard to change them. Democrats have become that five-year-old in the kickball game shouting “it’s not fair” every time they lose an election.

Certainly, Trump brings much of this on himself, but the fact is, the left has been digging up every church fart they can find from this administration and leaking it to their media operatives who in turn amplify each revelation as if it’s a Catilinian conspiracy. For all this considerable effort, we have yet to see a single clear example of Trump doing anything that stands out as behavior unlike his accusers across the aisle have been engaging in for years. Obviously, most of the American people want this latest inquiry to go forward (I’m one of them) but unless the Democrats are sitting on some bombshell, the president will likely be exonerated. Again.

Immigration Insanity: This is putting it mildly. Donald Trump is an arguably racist, blatantly jingoist and terribly cynical human being. His persistent pitting of white people against brown people is unconscionable. Even if the specter of evil brown immigrants stealing American jobs were a responsible way to frame the argument, the idea that America can't tolerate any more immigration is patently  insane for any  number of reasons. The United States cannot keep up in the global workforce without an influx of hardworking humanity. We aren't having enough children (which would make this bit of Democratic drivel especially tasty, if it didn’t have such revolting implications).

Besides, how has the alleged party of American history forgotten Thomas Paine’s asylum for mankind? How have they forgotten the moving account of an American Farmer or the eloquent words on the Statue of Liberty? How has the party of Reagan forgotten his invocation of John Winthrop’s vision of a shining city upon a hill:

A city “teeming with people of all kinds living in harmony and peace. And if there had to be city walls, the walls had doors and the doors were open to anyone who had the will and the heart to get there.”

Where is the party of Reagan? A good many Republicans (not least of all, the president himself) would do well to recall Ronald Reagan’s parting words.

Despite the tractor trailer sized hole that the Democrats could drive through here just by supporting safe, legal and simplified immigration, this won’t please the lunatic fringe. No, Democrats want to decriminalize illegal immigration altogether. In fact, they and the media have conspired to make the word “illegal” some sort of epithet rather than, you know, a basic statement of fact. Instead they want to criminalize the act of border enforcement. While Trump cynically exaggerates the danger of crime and terrorism associated with illegal immigration and disgustingly brandishes the race card while he’s doing it, border security is a real thing we should be concerned about. That’s not to mention the risk to the refugees themselves who come into this country without proper documentation. They have no access to basic services or support, as the Democrats are fond of pointing out without proposing anything like serious solutions for it.

Show me one Democrat that can stand up and say "Donald Trump is contemptible but he also has a point. We need to fix border security, devise better checks on who is coming into this country and build a better system that makes it easier for the good guys and harder for the bad guys to get in” and say all this without pandering to the nincompoops who want to decriminalize illegal entry and compare ICE to the Nazi SS and perhaps we could take them seriously.

Trump has devised the wall trope as a symbol of his larger tough on the border approach. It’s fair for Democrats to argue for more modern methods than a medieval wall and to openly question why an American president should be using a wall keeping people out as a symbol of his administration but that does not excuse them from the reality that we do need better security and that they must work with the contingent of people in this country who want it. Instead of working on this, Democrats cynically play the race card and point across the aisle instead of work across the aisle. Meanwhile, immigrants at the border continue to suffer as a result. Trump and all his Twittery, cheerio throwing rage is the superior choice in the same way that eating a camel turd off the desert floor is superior to dying of starvation.

Wealth Confiscation: There’s a huge difference between taxation to fund government activities and vilifying the wealthy for the sake of rousing the mob. For one thing, it isn’t at all clear that the government is a better steward of that money than a private billionaire. For another, the rationale behind such an approach is the same as it is for looting your local CVS. They have stuff, I need stuff, why can’t I take their stuff? Zack Beauchamp of Vox expertly identifies this ideological distinction. Theodore Roosevelt, often mischaracterized as an anti-wealth crusader, said this:

“There is no proper place in our society either for the rich man who uses the power conferred by his riches to enable him to oppress and wrong his neighbors, nor yet for the demagogic agitator who, instead of attacking abuses as all abuses should be attacked wherever found, attacks property, attacks prosperity, attacks men of wealth, as such, whether they be good or bad, attacks corporations whether they do well or ill, and seeks, in a spirit of ignorant rancor, to overthrow the very foundations upon which rests our national well-being.”

Roosevelt here is describing what we can call Warrenism today: One group of rich people exploiting the envy of the middle and lower classes to weaponize democracy against the wealth accumulation of other rich people. Roosevelt was aware of this because it isn’t new. The populist agitators in late republican Rome such as Marcus Crassus, Julius Caesar and Marc Antony were wealthy, connected individuals who felt constrained on their quest for power by the institutions in place preserving the republic. They turned to the power of the mob as a means to eventually sweep away the ancient institutions established to protect the very mob they agitated. Warrenism is no different. Edumund Burke also picked up on this tendency in revolutionary France:

“These writers, like the propagators of all novelties, pretended to a great zeal for the poor, and the lower orders, whislt in their satires they rendered hateful, by every exaggeration, the faults of courts, of nobility, and of priesthood. They became a sort of demagogues. They served as a link to unite, in favour of one object, obnoxious wealth to restless and desperate poverty.” 

If you believe that the fabulously wealthy Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders give a fig about the poor, you have been taken for a fool. They seek power, prestige and adulation and the Constitution is the primary impediment to the virtues they wish to signal. The people will pay the price should they succeed in destroying it.

Intersectionality: Donald Trump’s flirtations with the Mom’s Basement Nazis is execrable. His “good people on both sides” comment was quite bad enough, but the real problem is his constant rabble rousing of these extremists. I despise the phrase “dog whistle” which Democrats and the mainstream media basically use when they can’t directly accuse Republicans of racism or sexism but want to conflate reasonable actors with unreasonable lunatics. Unfortunately, Trump has animated this straw man with life like a vampire raising his minions from the dead.

The left also rouses their nauseating base, but they do so right out the open with the media cheering them along. How many more white cop shoots black man or white burger king customer yells at gay woman headlines do we need to prove this? The media amplify every divisive issue they can dig up which in turn empowers charlatans like Warren and Sanders to conflate local issues with national emergencies and lead the entire country through endless struggle sessions.

Whatever intersectionality was originally intended to mean, it has come to mean defining groups of individuals by the inalterable attributes of their birth. The irony is that the left flies the flag of diversity while ruthlessly crushing any peep of diversity that dissents from their iron clad law of conformity. The philosophy itself is racist not only because it elevates certain groups over other groups but more importantly because it presumes to speak for entire swaths of people based solely on the color of their skin, the state of their gender or the heritage of their birth. It is the extreme opposite of Martin Luther King’s legendary dream:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” 

Hillary received a lot of flak for her “basket of deplorables” comment but it is indeed a real thing. It’s just that fake Nazis, white supremacists and blood and soil nationalists are generally a fringe and powerless sliver of the party. Some mainstream Trump "conservatives" have drifted towards nationalism but modern Ameircan nationalism espoused by thinkers like Rich Lowry bears zero resemblance to the fascist militarism of the 20th Century. Trump doesn't represent any serious ideology as much as he represents the cult of personality. Regardless, no serious person embraces the dreck spewed by white supremacists, fake Nazis and isolated incels as anything but dreck.

Meanwhile, the left’s virulent racism has infected every university across this country and the highest levels of media and politics. The loser sitting in his Mom’s basement playing Fortnite and leafing through faded photo-copies of Julius Streicher (if they even know who that is) is not nearly the threat to the republic that the Harvard college professor running for president is.

Whether it be the Jacobins in France, the Red Guard in China, the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, the Soviets in Russia or the Nazis in Germany… erasing history, defining people by class, race or religion, ruthlessly shaming and destroying dissenting voices and pitting these groups against each other is a recipe for famine, genocide and economic collapse everywhere it has been tried.

Which presidential candidates have denounced anti-fa? Where have they condemned woke, cancel culture? What Democratic candidate for the nomination has denounced the erosion of the left’s once ardent defense of the freedom of speech, of religion, of due process? More importantly, what media pundits have even asked them to? Mainstream Democrats have pushed for blatant censorshipgun confiscationwealth confiscationreligious intolerancepunishment of free enterpriseabolishing the Senate,  packing the Supreme Courtmob rule over due process; and that’s an abbreviated list.

Barack Obama, another imperfect president, once sought to make the United States a better place for all Americans. Agree with him or not, President Obama believed in all the people of this country. Donald Trump and the clown car of charlatans currently seeking to replace him have decided to abandon moderation and centrism for the dangerous rabble rousing of populist outrage. While Trump’s despicable behavior continues to degrade the office of the presidency, ascendant progressive politics on the left is more likely to destroy the republic altogether. It’s a decision between a fool and an army of fools. If you care about the Constitution and the republic, Donald Trump is the only choice you have.