The President is guilty of using the power of the United States government to pressure Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden's use of the power of the United States government to pressure Ukraine. Watching the various cads and scoundrels in this charade twist themselves alternatively into pretzels of incandescent rage or sanctimonious self righteousness over the whole affair is almost poetic. It's much less like binge watching history and much more like watching a terrible live action remake of Thucydides directed by Michael Bay.

It's clear that the president held up aid to Ukraine in exchange for investigating the Bidens. It's clear that the Bidens warrant investigation (not in the way the president was doing it). It's clear that Adam Schiff (at least) knew of and worked with the "whistleblower" to frame the president. It's clear that the Bolton book excerpt was inappropriately leaked to the New York Times at the most convenient of times. I could go on forever. Everyone involved in this from the president down to the various hacks in the media are either knowing patrons or ignorant pawns in this clown show.

Nancy Pelosi was under pressure from the radical left wing of her party to impeach the president. She decided to light the turd on fire and throw it over the wall at Republicans, which is why the House rushed through the investigation without challenging the president's use of executive power to protect witnesses in court. Once they threw their sham of an investigation over the wall, they hoped to lock Republicans between the irrational rage of an egomaniacal president and his supporters who believe he can do no wrong and the frustrated patience of the moderates and independents who are tired of him doing things wrong.

The other tomfool argument that keeps wafting through the electorate is: did the president commit an impeachable offense? Farting in church is an impeachable offense if a majority of the House and two thirds of the Senate can be convinced that it is. This is a political exercise, not a legal exercise and all these Senators taking their time to "deliberate" are really just taking their time to count the votes in their districts. Everyone is performing for the camera.

Meanwhile, there's an election in less than a year where the same people who elected the president are free to remove the president. Democrats and outraged media types have been clutching their pearls over "saving democracy" and their soltuion is to remove a democratically elected president before he can be elected again. That is utterly insane. There is simply no good reason to have dragged the country through this mess, whatever apocalyptic garbage spews from the halls of CNN; but ever since Trump has activated the political equivalent of a zombie apocalypse where half the electorate wants him dead and his remains burned and the other half wants him beatified and annointed as a living God, this has been the norm.

If there is any value to this kabuki dance, it's the same value that a flashlight has on a room full of cockroaches. Perhaps the light will deter our various government officials from enriching themselves on the corruption of marginal governments around the world; but probably not. 

The greatness of the United States government does not come - and never has come - from the people who populate it. It comes from the institutions that prevent those idiots from wielding unlimited power. This is why conservatives in the United States are so averse to significant change. This is also why the insanity of leftist propaganda factories like CNN fearing "unrestrained presidential power" while simultaneously arguing for candidates who seek unrestrained presidential power is so hilarious. Who could possibly take CNN seriously when they write stuff like this? 

The Twitterati enjoy watching themselves and their clever ejaculations of self congratulatory nonsense on television and the Internet in the same way that Quentin Tarantino enjoys watching the feet of various actresses fill the silver screen in his movies. It's garish, self serving, mildly nauseating and has very little to do with the actual plot. The vast majority of working Americans really don't care if Donald Trump did it or not. They care about their kids, their jobs and their mortgages. You can call that white privelege or say they can't do math or read maps if it makes you feel better but come November, they will vote for whatever candidate is least likely to negatively impact those things.